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Violence and Sanction in the Male-Female Dynamic of the Ilongot, Tausug, and Teduray Societies: Abstract and Blog Post List

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This research paper was written as a requirement for Anthropology 225, Philippine Culture and Society, an elective taken at the College of Social Sciences and Philosophy at the University of the Philippines Diliman under Dr. Maria Mangahas, who assigned the students reading material for the research paper based on each one’s background and interests.

I had been assigned three tribes – the Ilongot, the Teduray and the Tausug. As a graduate student of Women and Development Studies, I was immediately attracted to the male-female dynamic prominent in the readings on all three tribes and thus explored this in the research paper, which was submitted in March 2008.

I also had the good fortune of interviewing Al-Sadr Tammang, a Tausug student, for this paper. Mr. Tammang had also been a guest of honor in class during my group’s anthropology presentation, where Dr. Mangahas and the class had the opportunity to inquire about Tausug culture and society.

with my former student Al of the Tausug tribe

with my former student Al Tammang of the Tausug tribe

The paper has been divided into the following blog posts:

Where Anthropology and Feminist Research Converge and Diverge

Objectives of the Paper

Violence and the Male-Female Dynamic

Ilongot Society: The Sexual Division of Labor, Abilities, and Emotions

Tausug Society: Male Dominion Over Society and Everyday Life

Teduray Society: Partnership and Mutual Help as a Way of Life



“VIOLENCE AND SANCTION in the Male-Female Dynamic of the Ilongot, Tausug, and Teduray Societies: A Research Paper” written by Cindy Cruz-Cabrera | March 2008

Next: Where Anthropology and Feminist Research Converge and Diverge


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