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Violence and the Male-Female Dynamic


Violence takes many forms and its occurrence in society may be attributed to variety of causes – anger, isolated individual predispositions, war, media, political strife, and even acts of insanity. Violence may be used to quell violence, and the peace (or fear of hostile action?) that comes after serves to justify. When should violence be deemed acceptable? Is good violence better than bad violence? Regardless of motive or outcome, could there be a real distinction between good and bad violence?

Most importantly, what makes a society violent? I will discuss the brands and differing natures of violence in three indigenous Philippine societies and then analyze and critique the male-female dynamic within these contexts. I will do a comparative analysis of the sanctions of or for violence, particularly in the cultures of the Ilongot, Tausug, and Teduray – societies that had all been studied by American anthropologists who had lived in these communities during the late 1960s to early 1970s. I will then connect these to the concepts, principles and values that uphold them, and, by analyzing the role that these play in each society’s male-female dynamic, I hope to illustrate that the relationship between the sanction of violence and the perpetuation of the patriarchy through gender inequality.

“VIOLENCE AND SANCTION in the Male-Female Dynamic of the Ilongot, Tausug, and Teduray Societies: A Research Paper” written by Cindy Cruz-Cabrera | March 2008

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