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Assessment of Achievement and Gaps in Addressing Gender Issues



Assessment of Achievement and Gaps in Addressing Gender Issues


  1. Initiative to investigate why women are active or inactive.

The initiative to investigate the non-participation and inactivity of women members is already a step towards gaining a gender lens as an organization. Examining and understanding the interests and experiences of the women sends the message that they are valued members whose participation and potential contribution will not be invisible.

  1. Consolidation of the Gender Committee.

The consolidation of the Gender Committee is an effort toward create safe spaces for women and making the services of paracounseling and legal aid available to them. Meeting needs and offering solutions to problems encountered day-to-day will definitely encourage women’s participation and enrich the organizational perspectives, positions and policies.

  1. Efforts in beginning the gender-disaggregation of data.

As discussed in pages 44-46, gender-disaggregated data will help lead to members becoming equipped with the tools and strategies to see beyond their own personal circumstances and through education, awareness and consciousness-raising on gender and women’s situations.  This will hopefully help them begin to understand that personal problems, issues and concepts and issues and their causes, effects, are linked to national and international issues and problems, and result in their more impassioned commitment to and participation in the union and its activities.


  1. In seeking to encourage women’s participation, women’s issues must be part of the agenda. The achievements of the Union are already steps taken in this direction.
  1. GSTs must be held for officers to make visible to them the concerns, needs, issues, and problems encountered by women daily which hinder their participation. The effects of a gender-enlightened and knowledgeable leadership will inevitably cascade down to the members in the choice and gender-responsiveness of activities, positions, and policies.
“Women and the All UP Unions: Mainstreaming the Women’s Agenda – An Integrated Field Work Paper” written Jelina Tetangco and Cindy Cruz-Cabrera | March 2008

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