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Women and the All UP Unions: Mainstreaming the Women’s Agenda – An Integrated Field Work Paper – Bibliography

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Adamson, et al. “Chapter 7: Feminist Organizations and Feminist Process.” Feminist Organizing for Change: The Contemporary Women’s Movement in Canada.

 All UP Academic Employees Union: Isang Praymer.

All UP Workers Union. Collective Negotiation Agreement. Quezon City: UP Diliman, 2002.

All UP Workers Union. Constitution and By-Laws: Amended All UP Workers Constitution as of December 7, 2001.

Elicuk, Arlene V. “Chapter 5: The Conflict Between Feminist Ideology and the need for Organizational Structure”. A Critical Analysis of Feminist Ideology and the Need for Organizational Structure. MSW Thesis,1979.

Eviota, Elizabeth Uy. The Political Economy of Gender: Women and the Sexual Division of Labour in the Philippines. London: Zed Books, 1992.

GST Gateway: Toolkit on Collecting Gender Disaggregated Data

International Labor Organization. Gender Equity Tool.

PAGADUAN, Maureen. “Women Organizing: Strategies for Empowerment”.  Proceedings: Gender and Development and Gender Issues in Development Work with Indigenous People. NOVIB Working Group on Women Organizing and Rural Development , 1995.

SACHET: Society for the Advancement of Community, Health, Education, and Training

“Women and the All UP Unions: Mainstreaming the Women’s Agenda – An Integrated Field Work Paper” written Jelina Tetangco and Cindy Cruz-Cabrera | March 2008

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