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Women and the All UP Unions: Mainstreaming the Women’s Agenda – An Integrated Field Work Paper – Glossary of Gender Terms



A socio-cultural construction which: a) defines and informs notions of femininity and masculinity, where each sex behaves according to these notions or socially and culturally dictated identities and is expected to perform social roles and tasks assigned to it; and b) are mistakenly believed to be natural and inherent.

Gender equality

A quality or state of society where the both personal relations and social, economic and political structures and institutions (the economy, the family, the state, religion, the educational system and the mass media) are structured in a non-dominating way to allow the development of the full potential and creativity and self-determination of every woman and man. A term which reflects an equal sharing of power between women and men, in their equal access to education, health, administrative and managerial positions, equal pay for work of equal value and equal seats in parliament, among others.

Gender awareness

The recognition that the life experiences, expectations, and needs of women and men are different, that many times they involve inequity, and that they are subject to change. In development and relief work, gender awareness refers to the perception and realization of the ways in which women and men participate in the development process, how they are affected by it, and how they benefit from it. Experience has shown that without such awareness, not only will development and relief interventions fail to meet the needs and serve the interests of all people they are intended to help, but they may indeed hinder the situation of women.

Gender mainstreaming

Mainstreaming a gender perspective is the process of assessing the implications for women and men of any planned action, including legislation, policies or programmes, in any area and at all levels. It is a strategy for making the concerns and experiences of women as well as of men an integral part of the design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of policies and programmes in all political, economic and societal spheres, so that women and men benefit equally, and inequality is not perpetuated. The ultimate goal of mainstreaming is to achieve gender equality.

Sexual division of labor

a) The assignment of tasks based on socially constructed gender differences, physical strength, and biological determinism where childcare and rearing, nurturance and maintenance of family members, and household tasks had become socially mandated attachments to female child-bearing;b) The creation of opposing categories of female and male work within the production process, and the establishment of a hierarchy of jobs where specific definitions of masculinity and femininity in the workplace dictate which sex is superior in skill and competence and has the authority and the power to discipline;c) the designation of male and female work with colorations of importance and prestige to male productive work, and inferiority and invisibility to female productive and reproductive work.

Sexual harassment

Unwanted sex-related behavior toward somebody, for example, touching somebody or making suggestive remarks, especially by somebody with authority to a subordinate

Gender-based issue

A central or most important topic of debate issuing from a specific reality of one gender

Gender-disaggregated data

Data or statistics which are classified or regrouped using gender in order to surface implications and give us a clearer understanding of the patterns of women’s participation in activities or industries

Gender sensitivity training (or GST)

A workshop conducted for both men and women, designed with the general goal of developing a more critical eye for identifying, examining, defining, and evaluating socio-cultural, religious, political and economic principles, perceptions, beliefs, and practices which limit oppress, subordinate and dominate women in their roles, behavior, options, activities, work, access to resources.
“Women and the All UP Unions: Mainstreaming the Women’s Agenda – An Integrated Field Work Paper” written Jelina Tetangco and Cindy Cruz-Cabrera | March 2008

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