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Feminist Literacy and Numeracy – A Path to Empowerment for Grassroots Women: The Radio Show Guesting

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After the midterm sharing of field work students, during which professors and cooperating agency representatives were present, Prof. Dazzle Rivera, the coordinator for the Field Instruction Program of the Women and Development Studies Department (DWDS) at the University of the Philippines College of Social Work and Community Development (CSWCD) in Diliman, invited me along with the ladies of the LITNUM class to guest on the radio show of the UP CSWCD on DZUP “Sikhay-Kilos” hosted by herself and Prof. Matt Wamil. LITNUM class representatives  Virgie and Luz of Bagong Silangan and Sitio Veterans Communities granted the radio interview.

The discussion covered the LITNUM program, the LITNUM women’s thoughts on renewed learning, and what they view to be the benefits for themselves, their families, and their communities,

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