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Consolidation of the All UP Women Solidarity


 Consolidation of the All UP Women Solidarity


The All UP Women Solidarity was established by the wives of members of the All UP Workers Union in order to have a voice in the community and support their husbands in their struggle to uphold employees’ rights and their participation in union activities relating to national issues. Their roles as wives and mothers render them accountable for the nurturance and maintenance of their husbands, children, and their households alongside their employment and involvement in community activities. Thus in creating the All UP Women Solidarity they are in the company of other women who understand their needs, issues, constraints, problems and concerns in the accomplishment of their reproductive work and are further bound together by their support for the causes of their husbands as part of the Union. Continue reading


Assessment of Achievement and Gaps in Addressing Gender Issues


Assessment of Achievement and Gaps in Addressing Gender Issues


  1. Initiative to investigate why women are active or inactive.

The initiative to investigate the non-participation and inactivity of women members is already a step towards gaining a gender lens as an organization. Examining and understanding the interests and experiences of the women sends the message that they are valued members whose participation and potential contribution will not be invisible.

  1. Consolidation of the Gender Committee.

The consolidation of the Gender Committee is an effort toward create safe spaces for women and making the services of paracounseling and legal aid available to them. Continue reading

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